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The ultimate art management database for galleries, collections, and artists

Artsystem5 is the new, reimagined, streamlined, and easy-to-use online upgrade to the industry-leading desktop solution, Artsystems Pro.

Comprehensive, integrated, and automated database software accessible from any online device — A5 is everything you need to run an art business or collection.



Artsystem5 is web-based database software hosted in a highly secure cloud environment. Your A5 database is available anywhere via any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet via user-based private login credentials. For our desktop-based software options, please see Artsystems Pro and StudioPro.


Utilize any or all of the seven integrated record modules listed below, saving up to 90% of the time previously spent managing art information. Hide any unneeded modules. See A5 Overview video.

Track contact details and correspondence, interests and offers, transactions and accounting. Include contacts’ images, artworks in collection, and much more — directly linked to all other modules.

Includes artist details, works, biography, statements, additional images — links to works and artist’s contact record.

Record and display artwork details and activity, multiple images, condition, location and financial histories, bibliography, exhibition, and provenance references — directly integrating related records from other modules. See Add New Work video.

Create templates for editions, track availability of works, record details of publishing and expenses. Editioned works also display in Works module, now with the option to hide or display each edition’s works under an Editions master record so that Works module viewing is more efficient.

Record and display dates and venues, work details, installation images and notes, press releases, publication references, expenses (soon), and more, linking to works, contacts, and references records.

Create Offers, Consignments in and out, Loans, Exhibitions, Invoices, Cash Sales, Purchases, Payments, Payment Receipts, Credits, Shipments, Returns, and Work Receipts — integrating Works and Contacts on the fly. See Creating an Invoice Transaction and Creating and Converting Transactions videos.

Work References and Library
No competing system includes this valuable feature — a huge time saver for any database with important works. Automatically format bibliography and exhibition citations, associating with multiple works at once. Categorize and index for future use in individual work Infosheets and catalogues raisonnés. Integrated library function tracks owned items such as books and periodicals.


Accounting Software Integration
No double entry! A5 is the only online art management database that integrates with QuickBooks desktop and online accounting software (US, Canada, and UK versions). A5 imports the QuickBooks chart of accounts in order to export artwork payables and receivables information directly to the correct places in QuickBooks with a single posting. A5 also exports to any other international accounting system that is able to import this accounting data. See ‘Available Extras’, below.

Email Marketing Systems
Email individual artwork offers and other correspondence via A5, saving to Contact’s record. See Sending Emails video. Separate mass emailing integration (available soon) includes full tracking and bounce management. Up to 3,000 emails/month. Affordable packages for more emails available at nominal cost.

Create templates for customized email newsletters for exhibitions or other events. Send up to 3,000 emails/month. Affordable packages for additional emails available at nominal cost. (Available soon.)

Private Viewing Rooms
Create unlimited number of time-constrained presentation web pages, tracking visitors’ viewing histories within each contact’s record. Each room has thumbnail images with captions, large views, artist bios, formatted PDFs, and more. See our Private Online Viewing Rooms video.

ProFile Mobile App
Portable presentation/sales tool integrated with A5 displays artworks and exhibitions. Search and filter, offer works via email, view private artwork details, artist/exhibition info, news and press — use online and off line. Free to use with A5 subscription for up to five mobile devices. See ProFile web page.

Website Sync
Selectively sync A5 artworks, exhibitions, and supporting material to an Artsystems template or custom Website (additional fees).

Third-Party Services Integration
Submit record details to online service offerings such as shippers, aggregate gallery websites, auctions (to come), and to our blockchain certification integration partner, Verisart. (Available soon.)


Internal Integration
A5 automatically cross-links related records such as Transactions with Works and Contacts, providing single-click navigation between them. In this refined and logical system, editing any record automatically updates all related records throughout the database. The result is a profound and comprehensive performance efficiency not available with competing systems.

Record Filtering and List Creation
Dozens of pre-configured shortcuts make filtering records quick and easy. Combine multiple criteria for advanced queries to display sets such as ‘all available works less than $10,000 and less than 50 inches wide’ and save for future one-click access. Select individual records or sets to create and save editable ‘Worksheet’ lists. See View SetsMarking Records, and Worksheets videos.

Reports, Documents, and Correspondence
Generate, display online, and print 140 standard reports, lists, labels, and docs in US or A4 format. Customize and save spreadsheet report templates for reuse. Add boilerplate text via updatable glossary feature. Option to download to Word or Excel, edit, and attach to records. Supplementary files can be archived with any record. Use A5 to email Contacts and attached Offers, Invoices, or other Transactions;  email selected works with captions with or without Infosheets, links to Private Viewing Rooms, Reports, Documents, or other attachments, saving correspondence to Contact records automatically for archiving for later reference. See Sending Emails video.

Invoicing and Accounting
Includes full artwork and contact financial tracking and reporting, including expenses, sales tax, VAT schemes, and ARR. Track partner ownership and cost/profit distribution. Includes special ‘reacquire’ function. Links to general-ledger accounting solutions such as QuickBooks online and desktop versions for US, UK, and Canada. See our Creating an Invoice video.

True Multi-Currency
Create/convert transactions in any foreign currency. Update conversion rates online or define manually. Display any currency on invoices and reports. Base selected works in specific currencies to avoid currency market fluctuations — this feature and many other multiple currency features are unavailable with competing systems.

Store multiple images for each record of any type — including works, contacts, editions, exhibitions, artists, and references — automatically resizing and reforming during import for display, reports and documents, email, and export to websites and mobile app content management system.

Audit Trail / History Log
A5 administrators may review all data changes by record, fields, date, and user within the unified history log.


Multiple Users / Internal Security
Each licensed user has their own private login. Administrators may limit internal access to sensitive data for individuals and groups, by fields and functions: Hide data, limit to read only, or allow full access.

Secure 24/7 Online Access / Backups / Multi-Factor Authentication
A5 includes a 128-bit SSL encrypted online connection with daily backups and 24/7 service monitoring. A5 also includes the option to implement Multi-Factor Authentication per A5 user and device, with an option to choose any date requirement for required time-based logins as well — every login, daily, weekly, etc. — by your administrator’s configured designation.

Program Upgrades
Artsystems continually improves and updates A5. Each subscription includes all upgrades and updates during the subscription term. All databases are updated automatically.

Expert Support
Live telephone/email support is available from a team of gallery veterans, each with decades of art management experience, within two business hours during our 12-hour day (Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. NYC time, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. London time). Artsystems Support is available every weekday during the year, except for Christmas and New Year’s days.

Affordable Pricing Options
Lower subscription pricing is available for artists, small collections, and smaller institutions.


Note: not all features are available with initial release.


Photographs on this page taken at Gitterman Gallery.

Gitterman Gallery website designed and powered by Artsystems Gallery Websites.


Desktop-based Software Option
Don’t care to run or host your database online? We continue to license and support Artsystems Pro, our industry leading desktop software, to run on your desktop computer, remote server, or local network.

Report and Document Template Customization
New or existing report and document templates may be fully customized to suit functional needs or tastes for a nominal fee. Spreadsheet reports may be customized by user within A5. Contact us for details.

Integrated Websites
Sync selected A5 work and exhibition details and images with an Artsystems website. Selectively sync to ProFile App. Read more about our Gallery, Collection, and Artist websites. Multiple themes and customization are available.

Additional ProFile App Licenses
Additional device licenses beyond the five free with an A5 subscription are available for $15/month per device.

Mass Emailing Packages
Up to 3,000 emails are included with the A5 Pro subscription. Additional email packages are available. Contact us for details.

Data Conversion
We have 30 years’ experience converting data from all competing systems plus Excel, FileMaker Pro, Access, or other legacy database formats. Contact us for details. Note: due to high demand, data conversions must be scheduled well in advance of expected implementation.

Third-Party Accounting App Integration
A5 can be set to link to general-ledger accounting applications with import capabilities, eliminating any need for a double-entry bookkeeping system. A three-hour support block for setup and support is $399.

Verisart Blockchain Integration
Two-way integration of Verisart Blockchain Certification is available for permanent and secure certificates of authenticity for artworks in the database. Contact us for details.

Dedicated Servers
Large institutions with large databases may employ Artsystem5 on a private region-based AWS server with additional capacity for increased speed, longer-term backups, and additional security. Contact us for details.