ARTSYSTEM5 Online: Web-based Art Management Software

Artsystems is pleased to announce Artsystem5, our uniquely powerful online art management software, to be released in December 2018.

Artsystem5 is a streamlined cloud version of our industry-leading desktop software, Artsystems Pro. Coupling the benefits of web-based software with the power, control, and robust features of Pro, Artsystem5 greatly exceeds the capabilities of the web-based art management software packages currently on the market.

In addition, Artsystem5 includes a newly designed interface, a free subscription to Artsystems’ iPad/iPhone app, synchronization with the app and with customizable Artsystems Pro Websites, free personalized mass emailing and email management, private online viewing rooms for clients, prospects, or vendors,  plus an integration of Verisart Blockchain Certification available for permanent and secure certificates of authenticity for artworks in the database.

Artsystem5 will be available by monthly subscription in a version for businesses and collections and a lower-priced version for artists, artist estates, and catalogues raisonnés.

Artsystem5 is the fifth major edition of Artsystems’ leading database software, developed in collaboration with thousands of professionals since its founding in 1989.

See more Artsystem5 details outlined in our Press Release.

Artsystems will continue to develop and market its flagship desktop software packages, Artsystems Pro and StudioPro, for those who prefer the advantages of running software natively on computers and local networks, without reliance on the Internet.

Customers who have licensed Pro with the Subscription Option, and have an active subscription at the time Artsystem5 becomes available, will have the option to switch to Artsystem5 for free, if desired. Other Artsystems Pro customers may switch by applying a pro-rated share of any prepaid annual Software Support subscription fee to the Artsystems5 subscription fees. Both monthly subscription options include use of the software along with automatic updates and upgrades, data hosting, and the same access to full-time expert support that current annual Support subscribers enjoy.

Like to get going with Artsystems Pro or StudioPro now, and switch to Artsystem5 when available? Make sure to sign up for Pro’s Subscription Option, and the transfer to Artsystem5 — including setup, data transfer and training — will be free.

To keep up to date on Artsystem5 development, please watch for our emailed newsletters. If you are interested in Artsystem5 and would like to contribute suggestions and/or would like to be considered for the Beta version, please contact us via our Product Inquiry page.

For the latest on Artsystems Pro and StudioPro development, please visit our Software Updates page.

If you have any questions or other suggestions, please contact us.