ProFile 2.3 iPad/iPhone app update

The new ProFile 2.3 update includes a major new feature and iOS 10 compatibility.

A new hierarchical Artist Info section within each Artist record displays associated links for the artist’s Exhibitions, Selections, News items, Press articles, attached Press PDF files, and attached Press Release PDF files (website  users) for each artist in one consolidated section.

Note for ProFile customers with an Artsystems Website: After the ProFile App has been updated, it will require tapping ‘Reset’ from the Settings panel to download the artist News and Press data and PDFs already in the CMS.

ProFile-only users do not need to do anything after the update, but can learn  about adding Artist News and Press items to the new Artist Info section of ProFile by reviewing our ProFile training videos.

See the Updates page for all update details. Go to the ProFile page for more product details.

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