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The feedback from my site has been excellent from clients, fellow dealers and artists. It is clear, easy to navigate and they assume I had it designed for me. The Artsystems technical people made the set-up and training easy — even though I am on the other side of the Atlantic. WebManager offers all that most galleries will ever need — at a really competitive price.

- David Case, David Case Fine Art, London (client since 2005)

No need to pay or wait for a Webmaster, pay tens of thousands of dollars for a comparable competitive site, master a sophisticated Web design program, or even type in work details to update your site.

Artsystems will customize a unique complete data-driven dynamic gallery, collection, or individual artist website that you can easily control and immediately update yourself at anytime — just select Work and Exhibition information already entered in Artsystems software and mark to post, enter information directly in the admin site, or upload data exported from a competing database via our bulk upload tool. The design and structure of the site can be customized to suit (or to even match an existing site).

Choose from a flexible range of options to meet your needs today.

Artsystems will be happy to recreate your current site and integrate with WebManager for automatic site content renewal. We can work with your designer, or create a newly-designed site for you ourselves.




WebManager Art Gallery Websites


NEW 'Responsive Design' Customizable-Template Art Gallery Websites Available

  • For art businesses and collections
  • Puts you in control
  • Imports data and images you already have
  • Posts entire exhibitions in 5 minutes
  • Works with Artsystems software, any competing art management software, and even without any at all
  • Updates ProFile app data simultaneously
  • Costs less than a 'from scratch' or competitive website
  • Customized design and features available

iPhone View iPad View

Our 'Responsive 'websites adapt to optimize display on any device! Try it out: go to on your mobile device. Compare with your own site.

How it works:

To populate and update a WebManager Website:

  1. Export selected Works data from the database to an Excel file
  2. Upload Excel file and associated work images to the unpublished 'staging' site via our 'bulk uploader'
  3. Preview, edit, and add content via the Staging Website Admin interface
  4. Publish the new content to the public Website

See our online video tutorials for details.

Top-level page information, images, and additional details such as News and Press items can be easily added via the site's easy-to-use elegant online interface. Simple as that. Unlimited website customization is available.

Soon, users of Artsystems Pro with the Artsystems Cloud, will need only to:

  1. Mark works and exhibitions to be posted to the Website. The selected data and images automatically transfer from Pro to the Website on the Artsystems Cloud, ready to review before publishing.
  2. Preview, edit, and add content via the Staging Website Admin interface
  3. Publish the new content to the public Website

If one has no inventory or collection database, work and exhibition details can be manually added directly to the Staging site and previewed before publication, along with additional site content as per above. Unlimited customization is available.


Integrated WebManager website

Complete data-driven website, updated with data and images from Artsystems Software, competitive database software, Excel, or manually via our online content management system. Choose from three WebManager site options, below. See our Pricing page for more details.

$1,995 Setup + $150/mo. Maintenance
Includes: HOME, ARTISTS, EXHIBITIONS, NEWS, GALLERY. 'Grid', detail' and 'enlarge' views of works, Artist, Gallery, and Exhibition details, News Items, and Artist Press. Logo integration, choice of navigation and font styles and colors. For additional pages or further customization, a Standard Site (below) is required.

$2,995 Setup + $199/mo. base Maintenance.
Includes Basic Site options (above) plus choice of any or all of these separate page/sections: PRESS, CONTACT, PRIVATE ROOMS, keyword and database filter SEARCH. Carousel View of works and Works Slide show. Customization of features, additional page or sections and implementation of submitted custom graphic designs is available at $175/hr. See our Sample Site or a Live Customer Site for examples.

$3,995 Setup + $199/mo. base Maintenance.
Includes Standard Site options (above), with upgraded 'Responsive Web Design' that automatically changes to best display on any device, including iPhones, tablets, desktop browsers, etc. Customization of features, additional pages or sections and implementation of submitted custom graphic designs is available at $175/hr. See our Sample Site or a Live Customer Site for examples.

Call for Pricing.
Includes Responsive Site above plus custom graphic design. See our Sample Site for an example of our graphic design work.