Arts & Antiques Management Solutions

Artsystems Studio Customers:
(selected artists, artists' estates,
and catalogues raisonnés)

Carl Andre & Melissa L. Kretschmer  Foundation, New York
Kenneth Armitage Foundation, London
Estate of Francis Bacon, London
Estate of William Baziotes, New York
Vanessa Beecroft, New York
Lynda Benglis, New York
Thomas Hart Benton
Jean-Marc Bustamante, Paris
William Merritt Chase, New York
Dan Colen, New York
Gregory Crewdson, New York
Jane Dickson, New York
Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles
Lionel Feininger, New York
Viola Frey Estate, Oakland
Gregory Gillespie, Belchertown, MA
Rodney Graham, Vancouver
Rainer Gross, New York
Frederick Hammersley Foundation,  Corrales, NM
Al Held Foundation, New York
Israel Hershberg, Jerusalem
Peter Hujar Archive, New York
Wolf Kahn, New York
Anish Kapoor, London
André Kertész, New York
R.B. Kitaj, Los Angeles
Alfred Leslie, New York
Alice Neel Estate, New York
Tom Otterness, New York
Ed Paschke Foundation, San Francisco
Phillip Pearlstein, New York
Pablo Picasso, Paris
Larry Rivers Estate, Southampton, NY
Michal Rovner, New York
Ed Ruscha, Santa Monica
Lucas Samaras, Athens
George and Helen Segal Foundation
Mark Tobey, New York
James Turrell, Flagstaff, AZ
Cy Twombly, Rome
Isaac Witkin Estate
Andy Warhol Foundation, New York
Jack Youngerman, Bridgehampton, NY

No competing system does even half of these things, nor is any as efficient to use. Studio has built in automated industry-accepted 'best practices', while still providing flexibility for inevitable individual customization.






Artsystems Studio is the (now second) most powerful, efficient, and comprehensive artist business and single-artist catalogue raisonné management software in the world.

NOTE: The new major upgrade to Studio, StudioPro, is now available for Mac and Windows. Please visit the Artsystems Pro page for details. StudioPro is a version of Artsystems Pro, where only a single artist can be entered.

For over ten years, Studio has been far and away the top choice of the world's leading artists, artist estates, and most important catalogues raisonnés.

Studio automates virtually all information management tasks. With Studio you can efficiently manage works and images, editions, contacts, transactions, accounting, images, exhibitions, shipments, sales, consignments, résumés/biographies, art work bibliography, provenance and exhibition citations, and more, saving up to 90% of your information management time. Studio can:

  • Record all work, contact, and transaction details and histories
  • Update all related records when changes are made
  • Navigate between related records in a single click
  • Filter records and build lists with powerful and easy to-use query tools
  • Create editable invoices, other transaction documents, accounting reports, work reference citations, résumés, lists, labels, letters, and emails
  • Integrate Outlook email and tasks, Word, and data-driven Web sites — fundamentally, powerfully, and easily
  • Archive saved documents, correspondence, queries, worksheets, and spreadsheet layouts for future use.
  • Publish works, images, and work histories to Artsystems Web Manager Websites for online catalogues raisonnés.

Studio also includes exclusive features for advanced cataloguing and automatic writing of an item's provenance, bibliography, and exhibition history — essential for the creation of catalogues raisonnés and for artist businesses where this information is important to the selling process, and an extremely powerful tool in managing artist biographies. No other artist management software has this capability.

Artsystems' unmatched industry experience, along with its drive to continue to provide the industry-standard software for artist management, means the finest support and training, the strongest and most active software development, the largest base of skilled users, and the most successful clients.

For any serious artist, artist estate, or catalogue raisonné, there is only one choice — Artsystems Studio.