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Artsystems Pro Competitive Advantages


  • Artsystems Pro is professional art management software developed in partnership with the industry leaders by experienced computer programmers with decades of art business logic experience and advanced skills. It is not a template configuration of a do-it-yourself package such as Filemaker Pro or Access. It is also not a web-only system that limits access to your business data to the vagaries of the Internet or the inherent performance and functionality limitations of all current rudimentary web-based software packages.
  • Industrial-strength SQL database is included. NO hidden 3rd-party database software package costs required such as Filemaker Pro ($324 per computer, per software upgrade) or Filemaker Pro Server ($1,049+) for a server.
  • Artsystems Pro automatically indexes data for faster performance, greater stability, and immediate comprehensive global changes.
  • Unlike nearly all of its competitors, Artsystems Pro is a true relational database software, providing the storage of all descriptive and financial information with superior efficiency — without redundancy — for dynamic cross-reference within a single database file. Additionally, unlike all of its competitors, Pro can run multiple databases with a single license.

private CLOUD Synchronization / REMOTE ACCESS

The Artsystems CloudSync — an affordable revolutionary method of working together across the globe, online and offline, is now available. See the Artsystems CloudSync page for details.

  • Artsystems Pro user data can be securely shared over the Internet via the Artsystems CloudSync. (See a diagram of how this works here.)
  • Artsystems CloudSync customers may store a master copy of their database, images and Pro documents on our online servers and sync to it from remote computers, either via a local server or an individual laptop or workstation away from the main office.
  • Artsystems CloudSync customers may work on their database anywhere while not connected to the Internet, such as at an artfair with a poor or no WiFi connection, at a warehouse, or while travelling. When returning online, they can sync their work with others' changes with one click.
  • Competing art management systems developed for the Web also allow for remote sharing of information. However, these HTML-based systems are typically thin and simplistic, due to the technical limitations of the platform. The information-rich requirements of the art industry are best accommodated by a rich client-based interactive interface, whether on a single computer, a local network, or via remote access applications such as Remote Desktop or Citrix.
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  • Artsystems provides knowledgeable, courteous, professional technical support and training from a staff with an average of 28 years of art industry experience and eleven years at Artsystems.
  • No need to hire third-party technicians to install, configure, or support any aspects of the software.
  • Sophisticated record retrieval, including one-click execution of pre-defined searches.
  • Ability to manage multiple discrete databases with only one program — your gallery, your collection, and someone else's collection, for example.
  • Dynamic Spreadsheets: ability to edit information while in list view, as well as customize, drag-and-drop, save, and print comprehensive list view layouts — even sort records by clicking on any column header.


  • Ability to utilize the Artsystems CloudSync for remote location synchronization. Work online or off-line.
  • Ability to dynamically and instantly sync with a data driven website and iPad app (coming soon).
  • Drag-and-drop image management automatically resizes and efficiently references and stores copies of source images separately in chosen size and format, rather than embedding them in the database or on a remote server, highly increasing database stability and system performance.


  • Creates price lists, offers, invoices in any currency on the fly. Includes multiple currency calculations and reporting with on-demand real-time online conversion rate retrieval.
  • Stores alternate currencies and rates for acquisition costs as well as independently for each expense item. For example, buy a work in China (pay Yuan), ship it in Hong Kong (pay HKD), restore it in Japan (pay YEN), sell it in UK, (receive Pounds) — all converted to base currency.
  • NEW: Exports accounting details to third-party accounting programs, including QuickBooks Pro/Premier (additional fees apply)
  • NEW: Allows for option to keep works in designated base currency thoughout accounting history, separately from user's home currencies
  • NEW: Includes VAT, Margin-Scheme VAT, and ARR accounting calculations and reporting
  • Includes a 'reacquire' function that provides for the reacquisition, sale and accounting of previously sold artwork by creating an independent record state to accommodate resale.
  • Tracks and calculates accounting for multi-partner ownership of works, in any percentage configuration
  • Ability to securely limit field-by-field hide/read/write access to sensitive data by individual and group (defined by the user).
  • Automatic creation of audit history for every entry and edit by field, record, user, and date, logged in a unified history interface.


work editions and references
  • Includes dynamic Editions Module, providing an overview of all editions, a central location for updating values and images, and a place to track production or overall edition costs.
  • Includes a Reference Module to professionally format all bibliography and exhibition entries, simultaneously associate them with multiple works, and categorize and index them for future attribution. Module includes a true library function for tracking location and value of all owned books and periodicals.


For still more words on Artsystems' quality advantages, visit our Advantages of Quality page.