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TOP Features

Artsystems Pro Automates virtually all gallery and collection information management tasks:

Records and integrates all work, contact, transaction, and accounting details and histories

Resizes and reformats source images automatically for program, email, web, and mobile device

Navigates directly between related records — in one click

Filters records and builds lists with powerful and easy-to-use query tools. Saves filter criteria for future use.

Creates editable documents — offers, invoices, consignment forms, accounting reports, lists, labels, letters, emails, and more

Updates all related records automatically when changes are made — even remotely via Artsystems CloudSync

Transfers selected work data and images to websites and mobile presentation software directly and automatically

Formats and repurposes work-reference citations to automatically publish work infosheets and catalogues raisonnÚs

Archives saved documents, correspondence, queries, worksheets, and spreadsheet layouts for future use




Artsystems Pro / StudioPro

POWERFUL, easy-to-use software with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY

Artsystems Pro for Windows

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Artsystems Pro is the most recent upgrade to the world's most relied-upon art and antiques business and collection management software.

StudioPro is a version of Pro for artist studios, estates, or catalogues raisonnés. StudioPro allows for the entry of one artist per database (multiple databases can be run from the same copy of either Pro or StudioPro).

In Artsystems Pro and StudioPro, GalleryPro and Studio functionality has been enhanced and vastly improved, with many powerful new features added. (See selected list below.)

NEW in Artsystems Pro and StudioPro:

  • Native on Macintosh
  • Native on Windows
  • Cross platform for mixed networks
  • Industrial-strength SQL database
  • Secure remote database synchronization via Artsystems CloudSync — work remotely, online and/or offline (optional)*
  • Direct iPad/iPhone app integration — no uploads*
  • Integrated Websites — new designs and new technology (automated sync — no uploading!*)
  • Drag-and-drop image handling copies and resizes large original images automatically for system use
  • Barcode input from a connected barcode scanner quickly adds works to Transactions (Invoice, Offer, Consignment, Shipment, etc.) or looks up works via Search feature. No extra charge.
  • Editable HTML email with images
  • Audit history log of entries and edits sorted by user, date, type
  • Integrates native QuickBooks Pro for Mac (and Windows)
  • Track and calculate multi-partner work-ownership accounting
  • Enter and display any language, any alphabet
  • Utilize multiple currencies; update conversion rates online, on demand. Convert multiple currencies to single Home currency or utilize Work-based multiple currency accounting.
  • Customize list view layouts for views and reports on demand, including re-sizable image thumbnails
*Direct upload available Fall 2015



Artsystems Pro

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Artsystems Pro
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Artsystems StudioPro
(for single-artist databases)
(Add'l License $1,000)


No other art gallery software system has even half of Artsystems Pro's advanced features (see details at left), nor is any as efficient to use. Only Artsystems Pro has built in automated industry-accepted 'best practices', while still providing flexibility for inevitable individual business customization. New and experienced galleries and collection managers alike can hit the ground running with Artsystems Pro.

Artsystems' unmatched industry experience, along with its drive to continue to provide the industry-standard software for gallery and collection management is backed up by the the finest and most experienced support, the strongest and most active software development, the largest base of skilled users, and the most successful clients.