Art Gallery Software

  Display thousands of
    works, automatically sorted
    by artist name
  Tap work thumbnail to
    enlarge & view with caption
  Tap work to view full screen
  Swipe from work to work in
    main or full-screen view
  Pinch zoom full view
  View work Infosheet screen
  View Work, Bio,
    Exhibition PDFs
  Display in both portrait and
    landscape orientation
  Select black or white
  Email multiple works &
    PDFs directly from App
  Set custom email greeting
    and signature
  Optional price & sales
    status display
  Price display security
  Status display security
  Compatible with any art
    management database
    (not required)
  Expert full-time support
  No long-term commitment


No competing iPad App for art businesses or collections offers the following features:

  Upload work details and
    associated images in bulk
    without image file name
  View additional work
    details on separate page
    with display security
    (12 custom fields)
  Bi-level content staging**
  Work images emailed via
    app can be viewed inline
    within email body and/or
    as attachments***
  Online Admin (CMS) can
    simultaneously update a
    website with iPad update
  Optimized for Artsystems
  25 years of art
    management software

*Other companies' solutions cannot import and associate selected work images in bulk unless the image file name is exactly the inventory number. Ours does not require this.

**The Artsystems for iPad online Contact Management System (CMS) has two content staging levels: Edit 'draft' content on Staging level while updating iPad with 'approved' and promoted Production-level content.

***Other companies' solutions can send work images only as attachments

Artsystems iPad App

AN elegant portable presentation solution for art inventories and ENTIRE collections

Import works from any software or add manually VIA a PRIVATE ONLINE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

New Versions available soon — multiple images for each work, multiple PDFs for press and info for each Work, Artist, Exhibition, Selection — much more

New v1.6 Available Now — Great New Exclusive Features for Galleries and Collections

iPad App Work Detail View
Add your collection or inventory to your iPad in minutes — then take it anywhere. Artsystems' iPad solution utilizes great design, advanced iOS and Web programming, and secure Cloud-based online storage to create the most efficient, intuitive, and elegant portable artwork display tool available.

Works Tab

  • Bring your gallery inventory or collection with you anywhere — no Internet connection required
  • View works in an elegant neutral format via thumbnail grids, lists, and full-screen — in both portrait and landscape modes, with black or white backgrounds
Additional Work Info
  • Access Infosheets, artist bios, work PDFs in-app plus optionally password-protected additional work details of your own choosing, such as location, cost, or source.
Emailing Works and Supporting Info
  • Email works with or without hi-res images and supporting documentation such as infosheets, work pdfs, and artist bios
Artists / Settings
  • Custom Settings include background color, optionally password-protected options to display prices, additional details, sold status, plus custom email greeting and signature
Exporting Works from Pro
  • Add groups of artwork records and images all at once from your own database (such as Artsystems Pro, pictured above) and manually 'on the fly' from any location via our elegant, intuitive, and secure Cloud-based CMS (content management system), pictured below
Match Fields
  • Organize works by Artist, Exhibitions, and also curated groups of works (private or not) in 'Selections'
Online Admin
  • Upload Artist, Exhibition, and Selections feature images and related documents easily to your private CMS (content management system)
  • Review all information and images via the online Staging level before publishing to the 'live' Production level
  • Update the iPad wirelessly from the CMS — even multiple iPads
  • Display related documents such as Artist Bios, Press Releases, and Work Infosheets. Coming soon: Display multiple work and exhibition views, press PDFs.
  • Email multiple Works PDF docs directly from the App

Available now. Contact Artsystems Sales.

Artsystems for iPad Hosting
Subscription: $99/mo.
(add'l iPads $50/mo. each up to 4 total iPads, $25/mo. each thereafter)
Artsystems for iPad does not require Artsystems software.

The Artsystems App for iPad can be updated easily via the Web and also automatically updated with artwork details and images exported from Artsystems software, any other art business or collection management software, or from any software that can export work data to an Excel file.

With inexpensive remote access apps such as 'Jump Desktop', you can also access and run your complete Artsystems Pro, GalleryPro, Collections, Studio, or Web Manager software running on your computer via your iPad, iPhone, or Android device from anywhere.

The Jump App is a complete solution that costs only $14.99 TOTAL. NO additional monthly or other charges. See the Jump Desktop App for details and to order. It's a breeze to set up, works great, and is incredibly convenient. Requires a mobile device and any computer with Internet access with Artsystems software installed — no server required.

Don't be limited to just viewing or editing Works and Contacts — with this solution you can run your entire Artsystems program on the go. With Jump, you can even connect a physical keyboard for desktop ease.

This solution will also allow you to select and add new works from your main database to your Artsystems iPad App data and images while away from your computer.